Millstone River Live

    Millstone River Live is our podcast for topical and informative conversations. Have feedback or questions? You can reach us at [email protected].

    Episode 001 - Introduction

    Episode 002 - Coping with Social Distancing

    Our featured speaker, Dr. Susan Jurish, speaks about ways to best cope during the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown.

    Episode 004 - Weathering the Storm

    Listen in on our recorded presentation by Kezia Samuel on investing through a pandemic.

    Episode 005 - ESG: Force for Positive Change

    Matt & Adam discuss investing with impact.

    Episode 006 - Simple and Tax-Smart Charitable Giving

    Matt & Adam discuss ideas about creating legacy.

    Episode 007 - Owning an Electric Vehicle

    Matt & Adam discuss common questions about owning an electric car.

    Episode 008 - Planning for Divorce

    Matt & Adam discuss some insights about financial considerations when thinking about divorce.

    Episode 009 - Thinking of Early Retirement

    Matt & Adam talk about a few considerations for an early retirement.


    Episode 010 - Making Contributions to Your 401(k)

    Matt & Adam discuss whether you should contribute to your 401(k) plan.


    Episode 011 - 10 Reasons to Update Your Will

    Matt & Adam discuss considerations for updating your will.


    Episode 012 - 4 Reasons to Consolidate Your Retirement Accounts

    Matt & Adam discuss reasons you may want to consider colsolidating your retirement accounts.


    Episode 013 - 5 Positive Financial Habits You Can Adopt Today

    Matt & Adam discuss poitive things you can do to improve your financial outlook.


    Episode 014 - Probing the Mind of a Teenager About Money

    Matt and his special guest discuss money topics teenagers really want to know more about.



    Episode 015 - 4 Ways to Give Children a Good Financial Foundation for Life

    Matt and Adam discuss specific ways you can give children a financial head start.



    Episode 016 - 5 Ways We Can Assist Clients Who've Lost a Loved One

    Matt and Adam discuss financial counseling following the loss of a loved one.


    Episode 017 - 7 Elements of Our Investment Philosophy

    Matt and Adam discuss highlights of our investment philosophy.



    Episode 018 - 6 Questions to Help Prepare for Meeting a New Financial Advisor

    Matt and Adam discuss questions to consider when meeting with a new financial advisor.



    Episode 019 - Time in the Market, Not Timing the Market

    Matt and Adam discuss how portfolio goals can be achieved with time in the market, not timing the market.



    Episode 020 - Negative News ≠ Negative Markets

    Matt and Adam discuss how negative news can create fear for investors AND great investment opportunities.


    Episode 021 - Choosing a Financial Advisor

    Matt and Adam discuss some considerations when selecting a new financial advisor.



    Episode 022 - Retiring Young

    Matt and Adam discuss some reasons retiring young could be a great choice.  This is the first episode of a 2-part series.


    Episode 023 - Financial Considerations for Retiring Young

    Matt and Adam discuss some of the financial considerations for retiring young.  This is the second episode of a 2-part series.


    Episode 024 - Is Excess Cash Too Risky?

    Matt and Adam discuss some considerations for having too much money in cash.